Saturday, May 18, 2013

Setup for Calabash-android

The First and foremost things is to have all the prerequisites tools installed in your system. The below are the step by step explanation of how to quickly setup your development environment for functional testing of mobile apps (android) using Cucumber and Calabash-android.


1. You need to have Ruby installed. Verify your installation by running ruby -v in a terminal - it should print "ruby 1.8.7" (or higher).

***If you are on Windows you can get Ruby from ***

2. You should have the Android SDK installed and the environment variable ANDROID_HOME should be pointing to it.

Note :  Make Sure Following Environment variables should be set properly
Set the Android path to the directory where you have the android sdk installed :

STEP 1 : Install Cucumber
Navigate to Command Prompt and type "gem install cucumber"

*** In case you face any problem refer Tips Section***

STEP 2 : Install Calabash-android
Navigate to Command Prompt and type "gem install calabash-android"

***You might have to run sudo gem install calabash-android if you do not have the right permissions.***

*** In case you face any problem refer Tips Section***

That's all ....
YOU are now set to write your First Functional Test - Refer "JumpStart Android Testing using Calabash"


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